If a WordPress error shows on a blank screen saying something like “end of file” or “line number…” it is likely that an automatic update to a new version has failed. And it’s likely that it failed because it made an automatic backup which filled┬áthe hosting space.

This can be fixed in www.yourdomain.com/cpanel with the following steps:

1) File Manager: Remove unwanted files including softaculous backups to allow about 20 Mb space. Backups should always be moved to your own computer.

2) File Manager: In public_html rename wp-config.php to wp-config2.php

3) Softaculous: WordPress: Install new wordpress =, blanking “wp” in the directory space. Overwrite old files. Your uploaded pictures, themes and plugins will remain.

4) File Manager: In public_html delete wp-config.php and rename wp-config2.php to wp-config.php

That’s it. The new install of wordpress will now open the old database and website using the old wp-config.php file.

To avoid further instances of this problem watch that you always have space to spare by removing any Softaculous backups to your own hard disk.