Servers Upgrade

From our hosting company admin:

In the 5 years since the company launched the first Public Cloud in Australia it has been constantly evolving, both in the technology utilised and the functionality it provides.

We are now pleased to announce, starting soon, the biggest ever upgrade to the Australian Cloud. The upgrade will involve faster, more powerful and reliable hardware as well as increased performance and functionality. It will also dramatically increase the size and capacity of our Cloud

The new hardware will see improvements in:

Processing Power (CPU): The new Hypervisors have the latest CPUs;

Networking: The entire cloud network is being upgraded to from 1G to 10G;

Disk Speed: We are upgrading from a SAN model to an Integrated Storage model where all disks are enterprise level SSD drives. The new storage environment will have faster speeds, more redundancy and less management will be required;

Server stability: We are transitioning to KVM as a virtualisation platform as it has been proven to be a more stable environment.

Customer Impact:

Manager Servers:

As we are changing the virtualisation platform from Xen to KVM the existing servers can’t be migrated to the new setup. As you are a managed server customer we will perform the migration for you. More details will be provided once the hardware is delivered and set up.

If you have VMbackups enabled for your servers, the old backups will not be available to be restored on the new platform and as a result there will be a short period when you will only have the daily backups available. As a workaround you could transition to our R1soft solution where the license and first 25GB of storage are free and additional storage is available in 50GB blocks. If you would like to transition to the R1 Soft backup solution, simply open a support ticket from your client area.
(Platypus already have R1 Soft Backup/Restore)

Upgrade date yet to be announced.