Platypus Websites Announcements

Welcome to Platypus Media. As we have over 750 clients hosted on Brisbane and Sydney servers we use this website on our Toowoomba server to announce any news about Sydney and Brisbane servers.

Brisbane Linux server Platypus: Disk upgrade 6 Aug 2014 – 11:30-midnight.

Brisbane Windows server Platypus: All’s well.

Sydney Linux server Hiruko 25 August 2014

Please find below some information regarding a maintenance window that will occur on Hiruko on 25 August 2014

Description:General performance issues on the server in the past 3 months will be addressed with a migration of the server to a VMware platform. This will be a brand new server operating the latest of technologies.

This will assist with performance and general stability of Hiruko.

Included as part of the maintenance is the upgrade of PHP to version 5.4. This will assist with security of end client websites.

Services Affected:

While the majority of the services will run without interruption, websites that run outdated content management systems may notice errors on websites due to the higher version of PHP.

SSL sites may also encounter errors but our engineers will monitor these sites especially to fix the problems immediately.

Estimated Time of Restoration/Next Update:

We expect that the migration to complete at approximately 1200-1400 hrs and the majority of any problems that may surface rectified by close of business.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience

Toowoomba Linux server Barramundi: is steady and hosts this website..