Platypus Websites Announcements

Welcome to Platypus Media. We have 700 clients hosted on Brisbane and Sydney servers and use this website on a Melbourne server to announce any news about Sydney and Brisbane servers.

Brisbane Linux server Platypus: 4 Oct 2015 there was some down time from 4:15pm A.E.S.T. while server was rebooted

To improve loading speed of wordpress sites, especially with ecommerce, e.g. woocommerce – we have now installed Memcached (not Memcache) on this server. But a plugin to take advantage of this must be activated on each site to take advantage of this.

Plugin: Memcached Is Your Friend works.

Plugin: WP Super Cache makes improvements in page loading speed.

Use to test speed before and after but make both tests as close in time as possible as the time of day or night as well as where the test is from, make a difference to loading speeds.

We also recommend the cache for all sites with a high volume traffic.

Daily backups are now available to website owners in cpanel – Files – R1Soft. These may be downloaded or used to restore all or any main folder.
Use the cpanel login and password for this.

WordPress just happened to do 4 version updates during the April 2015 storm in NSW and during the large scale extended power cuts. With each version update WordPress also created backups on the hosting space of each server putting many over their disk space quota. With a lot of work we restored these websites. We have now ensured that no such WordPress backups will happen in the future.

Brisbane Windows server Platypus: This is a dedicated server for Platypus clients, is well managed and is faster than shared hosting on the Sydney server.

Sydney Linux server Hiruko :  18 April 2015 – cpanel and FTP stopped working although websites were still working. Fixed next day.