Platypus Websites Announcements

Welcome to Platypus Media. We have 600 clients hosted on Brisbane and Sydney servers and use this website on a Melbourne server to announce any news about Sydney and Brisbane servers.


We are moving our Linux hosting to another provider, NetRegistry/TPP Wholesale which is in the MelbourneIT group.

The migration of websites and email accounts will take place between Thursday 23 Feb and Sunday 26 Feb 2017.
We will email you when migration is completed.

We will change nameservers for all accounts whose domain name was registered with us (i.e. where registration/renewals are paid to Platypus).
Those whose domain name is not with Platypus will need to go into their own registrar’s Domain Name Management and change nameservers to: and
Nameservers should be changed by Thursday 2 March 2017.
Where you use Cloudflare you will then need to have Cloudflare scan your new DNS records

Website editing:
Please be aware that any changes made to websites between 23 and 26 Feb may not be included in the migration.

Dedicated server:
The new VPS hosting platform is a clustered, auto-failover network, built on IBM Blade servers and is completely managed by VMware. If any issues with the server are detected, VMware instantly replicates the machine elsewhere within the network to prevent downtime.

IBM Blade servers with state of the art Xeon CPUs managed by VMware. Cisco routers, IBM nSeries NAS storage systems
Secure, 24/7 network and hardware monitoring with 99.9% up-time guarantee. Dual Tier 1 ISP connections plus PIPE peering.

Data centre:
Global Switch, Sydney, is the largest data centre in the Southern Hemisphere. With 260,000 sq ft of space it has an internationally renowned customer base from government organisations, financial institutions to premium companies and providers in Australia, including TPP Wholesale.

We will email owners and web designers when migration is completed. For domain names registered with Platypus there is nothing you need to do.


Use to test speed before and after but make both tests as close in time as possible as the time of day or night as well as where the test is from, make a difference to loading speeds.

We also recommend the cache for all sites with a high volume traffic.

Daily backups are available to website owners in cpanel – Files – R1Soft. These may be downloaded or used to restore all or any main folder.
Use the cpanel login and password for this. This is in addition to cpanel Backup Wizard.

Brisbane Windows server Platypus:  Last down 8 March 2016 6:15pm.
Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization stopped. Techs migrated all accounts to other HV’s after which the server was rebooted. Emails still worked.

Sydney Linux server Hiruko :  Still using PHP version 5.4.31 and MySQL version 5.5.40-cll – any wordpress-woocommerce clients should call us

Last down 18 April 2015 – cpanel and FTP stopped working although websites were still working. Fixed next day.